Taurus Moon Jewelry

Inspired by the mystery of healing stones and the science of the stars, Taurus Moon is an eclectic mix of textures meant to suit the most complex of creatures.
After graduation Nickoel began a trek within the fashion industry searching for her niche. This journey led her from Showrooms, to Trade shows and production. All this seeking was fun at first but led to an exhausting climb up an invisible ladder. Grateful for the knowledge she gained, she realized the missing link was something of her own creation.
It wasn't until she sold all of her belongings and gypsied on over to Maui with her then-boyfriend (now husband) that she felt she were home. A life of travel led to a need for sanctuary and somewhere within the contrast of the two is where Nickoel calls home.
Living on Maui and traveling to places like Bali, Asia, Europe and Mexico have inspired Nickoel to create a line of handcrafted Jewelry.
Taurus Moon is designed and created by Nickoel, who resides on the island of Maui with her husband and two children.
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