Neely Mack

Project You Book


In Project You, women's health advocate and former college athlete Neely Mack takes us from the plains of the Australian Bush to the halls of the world's most innovative research centers in her quest for the secrets of true health and longevity. Not another book about the latest fad diet or juice cleanse, Project You lays out a straightforward and easy-to-follow path to living a clean and disease-free life, by engaging the 3 pillars of health -- gut health, mindfulness and movement. You will be amazed what you learn (and what you need to quickly unlearn) as you take this insightful and very healing ride!

In Project You, you will discover:

  • The amazing connection between gut health and physical & mental well-being. Who would guess that some of the mainstay foods in the American diet-- milk, bread, eggs-- could be wreaking havoc on your GI tract and leading to inflammation and disease?
  • Powerful new superfoods from the Australian bush that are being studied for their cancer-fighting and Alzheimer s-prevention properties.
  • Delicious superfood smoothie and soup recipes that will boost your energy and immunity, and keep your blood sugar levels at bay.
  • The science behind glowing hair and skin through the daily intake of green superfoods.
  • The secrets to inner peace and emotional balance, and meditation practices to help you get there.
  • Exercise regimes of top athletes that will keep you physically and mentally fit, not drained and depleted.

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