The Monarch Collective began as a passion project to create a space where we could elevate and share the work of local artists and makers. When we first started Monarch, we were certain about one thing– we knew we wanted to do it together. Our vision was large, and we were both already pressed for time as moms and business owners, but we knew we had each other at the end of every decision. It has made the journey fun and never lonely.

We worked harder than ever to open our doors in 2019. Our right arm,Tori, joined the team and became the engine that kept us moving. We were depleted from such an undertaking, but the shared wins became an amazing source of energy. The collective was growing and we began to feel the momentum build.  

2020 was a shock for our new business baby. When we were forced to close our doors in March we found ourselves suspended in the air, spinning in the deep unknown as we reeled over what to do and where to go. Some days we felt intuitive and trusting, other times one of us was struck in fear and ready to throw in the towel. Should we be working hard on our website? Should we be working on our own lines? Should we be doing something else entirely? The emotional highs and lows always ended with us digging in. Little by little the work got done and we stayed afloat. Our ying yang partnership proved to be the most valuable gift for Monarch, as one of us would bring the light for the other that was in the dark. This is a time when so many are forced to go at this alone... and yet we have each other and this community.

Strength in numbers was the original idea and this sentiment has grown and evolved. Monarch started as a place where we wanted to lift others up, but now it encourages us to keep on working hard... it's an amazing purpose that actually lifts us first and foremost. The Monarch makers have accomplished incredible things in 2020– some made collections for solo shows, others found their voice and direction and grew their businesses and brands. It’s an honor to be able to work alongside these women!

Without you, who show up on our website and at our door (you who loves the art, appreciates the handmade, and supports our vision) we would not be here writing this letter or having this deep experience of gratitude and strength to persevere. Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts.  

Looking forward to sharing more beauty with you as we travel this path, together.

Perri and Nickoel