Michi Co

What's the meaning of your business name?
Meaning behind the business name is basically my name which happened to work out but my name means a lot to me because my grandma named me and Michiko means wisdom child. I hope to live up to my name.
Tell us about yourself!
I started with seeing the plastic pollution problem on island and had an itch to do something about it but in a artistic way. I see myself as a evolving environmentalist because I’m always curious and willing to learn more about my surroundings. I always go with my gut and have gone through a lot of change to be where I am today.


What are your favorite materials right now?
My favorite materials is micro plastic just because it comes out really amazing in my pieces but also it takes a great effort to collect micro plastic so when I do have a piece with micro plastic its extra special.
When did you decide to become a designer/artist?
I've always  been an artist in all types of media but integrating environmental issues has been fairly new to me. Combining my two passions overall makes me feel good about what I’m doing. 
Were you encouraged to follow your dreams and create for a living?
All my life I've been a dream chaser. I’ve never been afraid to quit something I didn’t enjoy. All my experiences in conservation made me want to work for myself and its been the hardest journey so far but I enjoy the work I put out. 
Is there a single purpose that keeps you focused?
My purpose is my home. My motivation is to do what's right for my place. 
What about your medium makes you keep going back? What makes you
stick with it?
The plastic I collect isn't being recycled and its abundance gives me a lot of work. It feels never ending but at least its not in our oceans and landfill. 
Is there something that the world should know about you and/or the work that you do?
The work I do is to showcase that there are creative solutions to environmental problems. And being a conscious consumer goes a long way. 
What’s your biggest challenge as a maker?
The biggest challenge for me is finding a way to financially support myself. The cost of living in Maui has made it hard for creators to continue. But I still do it because the message is bigger than myself. 
What’s on your current music rotation while creating?
The music I listen to when I create is anything I can sing to or something upbeat. Basically the same music I'd listen to if I was mowing the lawn. haha.