Blackbird Dagger

 What’s the meaning of your business name?

It’s a combination of the Beatles Song Blackbird and a play on my last name, Dagdag. 


Tell us about yourself:


I’ve always loved creating especially pieces that people could adorn themselves with. 

Beading was a natural process on my creative journey. One day I just sat down and decided to teach myself and here we are.
What are your favorite materials right now?
Other than beads, I’ve been getting into wood carving and would like to incorporate some wood pieces into my designs.
When did you decide to become a designer/artist?
I have always known that I would be working in some type of art field. Creating beaded earrings has been a nice surprise.

Were you encouraged to follow your dreams and create for a living?
My family have always been my biggest supporters. I have always been encouraged to create and they have never set a limit on what I could achieve. They are my biggest cheerleaders.
Is there a single purpose that keeps you focused?
Yes, to create better and push the limits
What about your medium makes you keep going back? What makes you stick with it?
I enjoy making people happy. When people tell me that they love wearing the earrings that I have made it just makes me want to create more.
Is there something that the world should know about you and/or the work that you do?
I create out of the love to make and if I could gift it all I would.
What’s your biggest challenge as a maker? Not having enough time to create.


What is your current music rotation while creating?



My taste in music is all over the place. It’s usually what my kids recommend, but classical like Debussy is always good.
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