Puka Perri

The Neely Kai - Colored


The Neely Kai is the signature Puka Perri necklace. These stunning colored pukas and 18kt gold are always a winning combination and matches nearly everything. This necklace is made with small and medium size pukas so that it is functional, nearly indestructible (hello moms!), and versatile. It is designed to be worn from beach, to street, to evening. Bring your puka-power with you wherever the day or night takes you...feeling strong and soft, just like the sea.

Custom: If you dont see the length you want in stock please choose custom and email us the length you desire and we will make a custom puka necklace for you.


I create these puka necklaces to remind the wearer that she holds the power to heal and turn her holes (pukas), whole . I believe puka shells hold sacred mana (energy) from the ocean and wearing them between your head and your heart can bring awareness,  healing,  and connection to oneness . Gold is said to open the crown chakra and help the wearer to obtain wisdom from universal sources.  All spiritual things aside, it’s all about how you feel in your jewelry and our intention is to create energetic pieces that feel good to wear and help elevate you to your highest vibration.  

I handcraft each puka necklace with care and love from the finest handpicked puka shells from across the hawaiian islands. The 18kt gold filled brushed discs are signature to my designs and together they create a luxe and timeless look.


  • The finest hand picked pukas from across the Hawaiian Islands

  • 18kt gold filled brushed discs

  • 14kt gold filled beads

  • The clasp is a "mermaid clasp", a stretchy plastic tubing ring or beaded ring that a puka fits into. Easy to get on and off. No lobster claw struggles.

  • Strong nylon cord

All necklaces are made to order and can take up to two weeks to create. If you need this item sooner, please contact us.

All pukas are one-of-a-kind so your pukas will be different than the ones pictured. If you'd like to see what is in stock, please send us an email. 

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