Gemma Danielle

Love Always Finds A Way | Limited Edition Print


This mandala is a meditation on pure loving awareness. Place it in a space where you will see it daily, as a constant compass orienting to the bliss of universal love. Let it be a lighthouse when the seas are rough, illuminating the darkness, and steering towards faith, courage, and gratitude. As the river always finds its way to the ocean, love always finds a way to us. Each line in the mandala represents a prayer, or mantra, of profound trust in the flow; that no matter what is happening in our lives, everything is for our personal evolution and serving to refine our alignment with love. You may use this mandala as a mirror to reflect your own intention, by simply reciting a prayer or a secret wish in front of it. Let it fill your space with warm, radiant light, and cleanse the heart of all barriers created against the natural state of pure love you were born from.

12 x 12 in

Available in charcoal gray or pure white

Limited Edition

Gold foil stamped on press 

Each print is hand signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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