Gemma Danielle

Remember You Began Breathing | Limited Edition Print


We all came into form. We are here together. Every single one of us was born, has a heart, and wants to feel more love, more success, safety, connection and joy.

This mandala is a meditation; a visual reminder of the miracle of this very moment. Just this. You are here, alive, reading these words, breathing on an unfathomably beautiful planet, soaring through space. Let it dissolve the daily drama, your stories, strife and suffering, and bring focus to the simplicity of breath. That alone is enough. Everything you are doing, everything that you are, is enough.

You being alive, here incarnated as a human, is an extraordinarily implausible blessing. Soften the yearning to understand why, and just breathe into the nirvana of the infinite love available to you in the Now. You were created in love, to feel love, and to be love. You don't need anything to breathe, to feel your heart beating. Breathe and know you are beautiful, just as you are.

15 x 15 in

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