Moon + Salt Botanicals

Orange + Vanilla Shimmer Lip and Body Balm


Orange + Vanilla Shimmer Lip and Body Balm in a Shell jewelry keepsake locket with pure essential oils and mica sparkle shine.

This limited-edition bronze mica shimmer rose lip and body balm is a beach girl’s must-have accessory. Hand made in micro batches on a family owned 40 acre farm on Maui Hawaii. Inspired by the fragrance of blooming orange and lemon blossoms blooming on the farm and captured in this lip and body shimmer balm. This uplifting and romantic-scented balm is a sweet reminder of paradise.

The tropical concoction is made with high grade pure young living essential oils of Orange and vanilla, organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, with a light touch of bronze gold mica shimmer dust.  This botanical balm has zero fragrances, chemicals or synthetics. Shell locket is approx. 4 inch wide by 4 inch long when opened.

When finished, you will be left with a locket shell jewelry pill keepsake mermaid box to remind you of your sweet smelling balm.



Apply anytime of the day to moisturize cheeks and lips; the addition of the shimmer is faint and not over bearing at all.


Keep shell perfume in a cool area as extreme heat may melt the balm. Dispense desired amount on lips, cheeks or eyelids throughout the day.

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