Self Ceremony

Heart - Loose Incense Blend


Heart-opening. Grounding, especially helpful when we are feeling disconnected or uninspired, reminding us that we are home.

Cedar tips, Rose petals, Yerba Santa, Frankincense (powder + tears)

This blend helps create a space for tending to your inner fire. Intentionally created to assist you in meditation, self-reflection, and while setting intentions. Like a gentle song to soothe the heart.

- Packaged by volume in 1 oz corked glass jar (taller than the one in photos - same volume)

- Contains enough incense for 10-15 smolders on charcoal, far more uses can be had if using a ceramic wax warmer.

- A small amount goes a long way!

Handmade in single batches with joy and intention, and responsibly and ethically sourced plant material. There’s no perfumes or fragrances added.

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