Taurus Moon

Crystal Arrow Lantern Hoops


Highest quality Lumerian quartz with beautiful clarity and sideways striations.

These quartz are set in gold filled bezels with intention hand stamping of an arrow design all the way around.

Lumerian Quartz are know as seed quartz, thought to be planted here for discovery at the right moment in humanity when the codes would be at their most useful. The striations along the side hold information through a nature made technology.

Arkansas quartz can be so clear and pure! Known for starseed properties, alien sort of high vibration! A wonderful stone for uncovering your starseed path.

Quartz is a master healing stone and will help align of the chakras. Quartz elevates our vibrations and allows us to ascend- in addition, quartz will elevate other stones in its presence.

The chevron markings have been used symbolically throughout time in many civilizations. They are said to be protective and added to shields. It is said the chevron markings help to release fear. Some call them the marks of the goddess as well.

Pick your hoop size- 15mm, 18mm or 27mm,  lightly chunky gold filled hoops (3mm in thickness)

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