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Anahit Goddess Necklace


Anahit. Goddess. Fertile. Healer. Wise one. Warrior.

Artists note:

It’s rare for me to have two worlds collide so perfectly. My art. My ancestors. This shape came into my minds eye a long time ago. I do work with ritual and ceremony. Trying to feel a deep connection to my mundane. On the outside it looks beautiful... but hallowed out inside there is a tumultuous magic. This shape is that vessel. It is my ancestors bringing water from the well. It is my feminine bloodline linking arms in unity and strength. It is my grandmother, posed, knowing and free. It is my inner being carved out in a little gold shape.


  • Pendant: 14k gold
  • Chain: Choice of Gold filled or Red Thread


  • Small: 8mm x 18mm
  • Medium 9.5mm x 22mm
  • Chain lays at 17"

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