Taurus Moon

14k Herkimer Arrow Lantern with Ruby


14k Bezel with a gold filled bail and a 14k setting. The bezel is hand embellished with an arrow design, also known as chevron mark of the goddess  worn to signal others within the same field of an ally. Chevron designs were typically found on shields and represent protection. It can also mean forward movement and creation of a flow. Hangs from a 22" 14k adjustable box chain.

Herkimer diamonds have an element of purification about them. They are water clear quartz and provide clear visions. These dreams, ideas and day wonders are what come to you from your highest self and are associated with Akashic records...returning us to our truest selves. 

These stones are created within the earth and form naturally perfect double terminated sides. These special quartz crystals are water clear and even contain ancient seaweed specks which give them black inclusions.

Quartz is known to be a master healing stone and amplifies your natural psychic abilities giving you clear thoughts and helping you remember your dreams. The crystal clear element gives a pure nature to the equation as well… which can give pure thoughts that are filled with good intention. This pendant is an amazing amulet for any healer. Or even a budding psychic…

A water clear herkimer diamond is amazing for the purest of intentions and dream recovery

Ruby is an amazing stone of vitality. This gem is a great choice for those newly feeling into crystals. It is a high vibration stone and can give the user a nice boost and aid in depleted energy stores. The color red is long associated with blood, a symbol of life and sacrifice. 

This stone has always been associated with fire and heat. It can handle high temperatures similar to the way a diamond can. This symbolizes the pressure it can endure and the stresses you can place upon it. I love this gem for fire signs, it gives a necessary assist to those who tend to burn out. 

It is associated with multiple chakras- root, sacral and heart. 

Helps you to retain passion and restore romantic qualities. The grounding nature of this stone adds to this heart space in that it will help you follow your bliss and do it with confidence

Note from the artist:

I believe every time we collect a piece of crystal, it is a Soul reunion! Every time we are attracted to a crystal, it's a process of self-discovery, a quality of Soul ready to surface to conscious level, to be felt, acknowledged then expressed by our Ego structure (vehicle of Soul's expression in physical realm).

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