Taurus Moon

14k Green Tourmaline and Ruby Studs


Raw Green Tourmaline encased in a hand made arrow stamped 14k gold wrapping. 2mm Rubies in 14k tube setting complete this one of a kind stud earring.

Green tourmaline is an amazing activator of vital force energy. This is the force around us that enables us to heal. Whether it a physical ailment or especially one of the heart, this stone is an ally and gives the wearer some soft encouragement.

Heart wisdom and Bravery are two terms that come to mind when holding green tourmaline.

Rubies are typically red and surrounded by green, so this ruby is right at home here. Another stones that effects the entire being. A highly spiritual stone and a symbol of love, Ruby connects the head and the heart. Allowing the wearer to make decisions that ignite passion and innovation.

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