Puka Perri

"The Juliana" - Puka and Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Type:

She's vibrant, chunky, made for the chic beach lover...meet "The Juliana." Designed with my surf and fun partner Juliana, we combined the best of all words...Hawaiian pukas, pearls and gold-filled discs. Layer her up with The Luz or  Millie Pico bracelets for a show stopping arm candy look.

  • All bracelets are slightly unique. We use a combination of south sea golds, south sea champagnes, and light color Tahitians.


  • Xsmall: 5.25 - 6in
  • Small: 6 - 6.75in
  • Medium: 6.75 - 7.25in
  • Large: 7.25 - 8in

Email us to order a custom bracelet in your size!

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