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Kymberly Marr - Haleakala Eyeshadow Pallette


Inspired by the earth tones & celestial sky of Maui's volcano that many call home, "Haleakala" Eye Shadow Palette is soon to be a favorite for Locals, Tourists and Professional Makeup Artists.


15, highly-pigmented, eyeshadow colors beginning with four, matte neutrals, six buttery, warm tones and five, ethereal cool tones. Apply with a damp brush for added depth of color.

This palette has everything you need!

I created this palette for my professional makeup kit that I use for

Weddings, Special Events & Photoshoots.


The neutral, matte colors are perfect for a natural look. The warm tones ooze of golds, coppers & burgundy and the cool tones whisper of cool, celestial star-studded nights.

Use the matte, black as a soft eyeliner or smoke out any eye color.


Use on the most sensitive eyes. For all ages & skin tones.

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