Susanna L Cromwell

Kamehameha Butterfly & Mamaki- Original


Hand carved Kamehameha Butterfly with its afternoon snack, the mamaki. 

Four block linoleum print on Japanese Chiri paper.

Framed in a handmade shou suji ban finished rustic reclaimed wood frame by Reed Cromwell.

19.5 x 19.5 x 1.375 in. - Finish/Exterior Frame Size


  • One of only two endemic butterflies in Hawaii. Shown here on it’s host plant - Mamaki.  Numbers of these beautiful fuzzy orange, black, white, and bronze butterflies are declining especially on Oahu. We can help by planting Mamaki. Along with being a necessary part of the Kamehameha Botterfly’s survival it is also significant for its medicinal abilities to uplift and strengthen when drank as a tea as practiced in Hawaiian Medicine.
  • Each piece is hand crafted and as so will differ both in print(pattern placement, stamp texture, etc...) and in frame finish(wood grain, stain tone, etc...)

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