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Fossilized Stromatolite Ring

$280 $350
Handmade Sterling Silver Fossilized Stromatolite Ring. Decorated with hand stamping, wire accents and handmade sterling silver balls.

This piece was entered into and chosen for the 2020 Art Maui 42nd Annual Juried Exhibition.

Stromatolites are fossilized layered deposits of algae within ancient sedimentary rock. Stromatolites help connect one to ancient Earth and the energies Mother Nature emanated a few billion years ago. This time period was filled with a more pure and unfeathered energy that was in an innocent, infantile state. These vibrations filled Earth’s ever-growing environment with life-force energy capable of enhancing plant and microbiological life. This extinct energy is trapped within this crystal and can be channeled into your soul through deep meditative sessions.
Materials & Size:
  • Size   8.75 - 9
  • Long oval with granulation and stamped wire

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