Puka Perri

14k Five Peacock Tahitian Pearl Necklace


This stunning one of a kind piece has five high quality gradated peacock toned Tahitian pearls, with green, pink and grey tones. Puka Perri carefully matches each pearl to create a beautiful array of colors to adorn your collarbone


  • Tahitian Pearls (12-14mm)
  • 14kt gold beads
  • nylon cord with metallic 


The pictured length chart is a good estimate of where your necklace will fall on your neck, but this is my neck and all necks are different! To find out the exact length right for you,  I recommend taking a string and measuring around your neck to the point you want your necklace to hit and then measure it. Also take into consideration what types of jewelry you may want to layer your piece with or what necklines you will wear it with.

Interested in a certain color pearl or length? Contact us! We love to create custom pieces just for you!

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