Puka Perri

#10 Puka Ring: The Mini Luxe


The Mini Luxe Puka Shell Rings are a new collection from Puka Perri. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. The bezel is first hand carved in wax and created on Maui using recycled metals and conflict free gems.

The white Hawaiian puka shell is from Puka Perri's collection of perfect pukas which she has been collecting over the past 8 years. This is a thicker banded ring with thick sides. Set into the puka is a 2 pointer Tsavorite garnet, one of the most popular and expensive varieties of garnet.

A statement ring that can also be a live in ring with its comfortable shape. Pukas are as hard as diamonds creating a sturdy lifetime piece to treasure. This will be a limited line as puka shells become harder to find. It is truly an heirloom piece with years of wear ahead!

Size: 7   

**This ring can be sized up 1 size.  

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